What’s ViTour?



ViTour is a new wine tourism experience in Tarragona, making you savour and enjoy the wine history of Tarragona with a travel back in time. A travel that starts in the Roman amfitheatre of Tarragona. And it’s time to step into the bus of Autocars Nika, that will drive you through the cultivated fields of Tarragona region up to the north of Alt Camp, in the village of Cabra del Camp. You will get out of the bus in the vineyards of the winery Mas Vicenç.

You will be welcomed there by Vicenç,a young winemaker that follows the family tradition of winemaking through several generations. He will introduce you to the wine univers in Cistercian times, how wine was elaborated and consumed,… A short and easy walk among the vineyards will let you know the effort of this family winery trying to recover traditional ways of cultivating the fields and winemaking to produce top wines. You will taste the wines among vineyards, paired with extra virgin olive oil produced in the same state, to finally end with a visit to the winery and a sweet wine tasting.

Time again to step into the bus to get to Nulles, where you will visit the vineyards of Adernats, the brand of Vinícola de Nulles cooperative. There, a young farmer will introduce you to the cooperativism and modernism movement of the beginning of the XXth Century, as well as to field works in those times. An easy stroll will lead you to the winery, where she will explain the modernist architecture and how everything was built to enhance winemaking of the big quantities of wine produced by the whole village. You will end the visit with a wine, cava and extra virgin olive oil tasting produced in the cooperative.

And finally, you will be driven back to actual times, to arrive at about 14h in  Tarragona, where you will be able to enjoy a special meal in one of the restaurants collaborating with ViTour, visit the Roman ruins UNESCO heritage, laying by the Mediterranean sea,…



ViTour Tarragona, in its half day version, is not scheduled on 2017 but possible everyday for groups on request.



We also offer a tailor-made version of ViTour. In the dates that better suit you, and with all possibilities you may think of: adding wineries from other destinations of origin (Conca de Barberà, Priorat,…), a meal, outdoor activities, 1 or more nights of accommodation,… Everything that you may think of is possible, do not hestitate to contact us for a tailor-made ViTour!